Real Estate Pros, For Pros

Like you, we are real estate investors, property owners, and building managers. Over 16 years of active property managers have yielded a successful, repeatable process.


Wilder’s managed services, using this plan of action, has helped clients grow and oversee thriving portfolios


A Team of Teams

Our unique advantage? We operate as a team of teams. You benefit from our resources, network, and strategic partnerships as if they were your own. From contractors to inspectors, financial advisors and investment experts, our team becomes your team.

All our services come with straightforward pricing, customizable options, and tailored terms. Because that’s how we’d want it.

Tenant Communications

We are your renters’ first line of contact. Our 24/7 tenant support hotline means no more late-night phone calls or weekend emergencies. An online Tenant Portal gives you more ways to connect with renters.

Maintenance & Construction

Leave repairs to us. We’ll coordinate and schedule consultations, repairs, and large renovations. With no markups and using only verified, licensed, and insured vendors. Routine inspections let you find small problems and fix them before they become big issues.


While we manage your books, you can track your income and property expenses with regular reports.

Tenant Management

We will recruit, vet, and help you support more reliable tenants. We’ll even collect and record rent payments. And if they become unreliable, we streamline evictions, too.
Tenant Selection
The key to stable tenants and fewer vacancies starts with a detailed selection plan. Each tenant at our managed properties passes through our thorough 5-Point Tenant Screening Process.
Wilder’s 5-Point Tenant Screening Process

  1. Credit Check
  2. Employment Verification
  3. Criminal Background
  4. Eviction History
  5. Previous Landlord Verification

When a tenant passes each step, you can be assured of a quality renter before they move in. Set Expectations, Offer Resources
When you set expectations for a good renting relationship, both the landlord and tenant feel at ease. And when you give your tenants useful resources, they feel cared for and stay longer. We equip every Wilder property with these resources:
Tenant Guidebooks: all information about residency, including rules, contacts, maps, and procedures
Tenant Portals: online communication and account management
Property Inspections: when even small problems are important, renters feel valued

Proactive Portfolio Management

Property performance gets a boost when you are proactive instead of reactive. Through our services, Wilder properties see an increase in revenue, profit, capacity, building health, and renter satisfaction.

  • Invoicing and flexible payment options mean more on-time rent payments
  • More ways to build open communication via mail, phone, text, and email
  • Understand your current market values with regular market analysis
  • Rental property marketing, leasing, and advertising syndication
  • Monthly operating and financial accounting reports
  • Preventative maintenance saves costly replacements and keeps systems working
  • Owner education and empowerment
  • Expense budgeting and reserve studies (if applicable)

Turn property "management"
into property "empowerment"